Most horrible Titanic movie ever


Robert T. Paige

As to the Blondie-Dagwood story, I happened on some stories on how comic strips got started.
The first parts were about Dagwood, the playboy, who was the son of a wealthy railroad executive.....I believe his name was J. Bullington Bumstead or something like that. Anyway, Dagwood got dis-inherited and kicked out of the Bumstead family fortunes for marrying Blondie because she was so much lower in social standing. That seems to be when "Blondie" seemed to take off. There was also an opinion I read somewhere that Chic Young thought that this fitted in better with the Depression Days than the playboy story.

As to the 1953 "Titanic" , one story was that the reason that J.Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, Mrs.J.J. Brown, etc. were not included in the movie was that relatives of those families were still living and the movie makers were afraid there might be lawsuits if they were included in the movie.