Movie Shown at THS Convention 1997


Jim Smith

At the Titanic Historical Society convention in 1997 on the Queen Mary, a movie was shown containing left-over footage from the making of Cameron's film--specifically, footage of the interior sets as water was entering, plates floating off the tables . . . that kind of thing, all set to period music including Songe d'Atomne (spelling?) and Nearer My God to Thee. Does anyone know if this movie was ever made available for public purchase?


Susan L. Romanyuk

If you remember correctly Bill, that piece of film was made especially for the Titanic Historical Society Convention '97. It was never meant for public release. It was to give us 'rivet counters' a sneak peak of the sets and film before general release. Because right after that the film release was delayed from July to December.
Dec 30, 2011
It's too bad that this film isn't for sale. I remember it fondly. The appearance of THS officers in costume brought a positive reaction from the audience. I choked up when Song d Autumn played as the corridors became filled with water.

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