Mr and Mrs George Harder

If anyone's interested in reading about George Harder's brother-in-law, click this link and scroll to page 353. Sylvester James McNamara was a prominent Brooklyn gynecologist and husband of Emilie Harder.

Also, I hadn't noticed before that Dorothy's uncle was Brooklyn lawyer William N. Dykman. Cullen & Dykman remains a prestigious firm to this day.
Brian, you never cease to amaze me! I'm constantly delighted by the information you supply on the lesser-known first-class passengers and their family connections. Keep 'em coming!
aw, shucks

But I have to confess, it was nothing more than reading the news articles under George and Dorothy's ET bios and googling the names I found there. I figured there couldn't be so many Sylvester James McNamaras!

Reading up on the Harders is especially interesting for me because they lived in a place in which my own family lived in 1912. But, like so many, they fled Brooklyn for Manhattan and, by the time Dorothy died, were living on Park Avenue.

I once dug up the wedding announcement of the Harders' daughter, Dorothy Annan Harder. It carried a photo of her, and she was a blond beauty with a very 1930's look. I imagine she and her sister Jean were the sort of New York Society girls that you see portrayed in The Thin Man movies. The Harders, like Mary Marvin, are people I have no trouble picturing in 30's New York.
I don't know much about kidneys or uremia, but I like to think modern medicine could have kept her from getting to the point where she even needed a transplant.
An interesting blurb taken from this site:
There was a lively row in the Coney Island police station yesterday
afternoon, when Dr. Sylvester J. MC NAMARA, nephew of Police Captain MC NAMARA, was
brought in under arrest on a charge of refusing to pay his second fare to Coney Island. The doctor, a man who had defended his refusal, a B.R.T. special policeman, and one of his friends, all made complaints and counter complaints and created such confusion that the sergeant ordered them all out of the room and told them to appear in court to-day.
In the Coney Island court this morning Dr. McNAMARA pleaded not guilty and was held in $500 bail, and the case adjourned until July 3 upon the furnishing of the bail by the defendant's wife. He is 37 years old and lives at 303 Union street.

This doesn't seem to have affected Dr. M's social position, judging from a few of his club memberships.

Emilie Harder McNamara was either dead or divorced by 1928, which is the year the Brooklyn Social Blue Book has Dr. M. marrying a Mrs. Mildred Cahn.
A New York actor, on Friday, January 9th, 2009, in Harwich, MA. Son of George Achilles Harder, a Titanic survivor, and Elizabeth Peebles Rhodes.

Source: NY Times; 1/19/2009, p18, Op
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Michael Cundiff


I have just finished reading his testimony during the American hearing. I was sickened and disgusted to hear him describe those screaming in the water as hysterical people from steerage. In fact, he didn't describe them as "people from steerage" but simply as "steerage."

He proceeded to describe those clinging to the stern as steerage who were like ostriches with their head in the sand.

All of this he witnesses from his lifeboat. The same lifeboat that he felt shouldn't have been taken back to save lives because they were already crammed in and there wasn't room.

It sickens me that the goofball running the hearings (Smith, I think his name was) made absolutely no comments about any of it and didn't ask a single follow-up question.

I hope that I go on to find that others behaved better than this...well, I cannot even use the word I'd like to use.

Disgusting man!!!
Where did you get the bit about acting like ostriches? I can't see it in the transcript. Are you reading the transcript, or somebody's distortion of it?
I just read the transcript of testimony. There is no mention of ostriches. As far as his response to noises of people in the water, he basically said the noise was so intense that you couldn't hear any specific cries for help.He even mentioned that they were on rafts. Its apparent that Harder never paid attention to how many boats the Titanic had or he wouldn't assumed people were on rafts.From his testimony it's also apparent that more passengers in the lifeboat did not want to go back either.Does that make all of them digusting too? Its hard to tell if you're not in that situation how any of us would behave.As far as his response to Steerage, you have to look at the past through the beliefs and prejudices of the time, and leave ours behind.21 st century PC has no place in worlds that existed back whenever. It may painful to look at but that's the way it was. As far as disgusting goes.......I don't think George Harder is in that category as say... Charles Manson, Ted Bundy or the countless others like them.