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John H. Holverson

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I seek information about First Class survivor Mrs. A. O. Holverson (born Mary Aline Towner of
Bradford, Penn.) and her husband Alexander Oskar Holverson of Alexandria, Minnesota, who worked at
Chett Peabody & Co., NYC. He perished, body #38.
I am a relative just discovering old childhood stories to actually be true. Thanks so much.
Thorvald J.H. Holverson
Hi Thorvald. I have some information about the Halvorsen family, as my great-great grandmother was Oscars fathers sister! I have letters from Oscars brother Henry, whose first letter tells about the disaster. According to this letter, Oscar (the name Alexander used daily(?)) was the one that was writing to the family in Norway, and Henry took over after him, but many years later. The last one I have is from 1940 (in Norwegian, even if Henry was borne in US!) It has been extremely difficult to find all information, especially as the first name Alexander never was used in the letters-nor any last name at all! I have names and dates on a lot of Oscars family, some are known only to me and corresponds with public records. I would be delighted to get in contact with any person related to Oscar or his wife, as well as all others interested. I can be reached through this message board or at: [email protected]
Yours, Olaf Larsen, Oslo, Norway
The company that Alexander O. worked for is called Cluett Peabody & Co, and made shirts and collars. Material about them is found on the great pages of Rensselear County Historical Society,that covers many manufacturers and businesses in Rensselear and Troy. Their address is There may have been other possible Cluett Peabody Companies at that time, but that is the only one I found on the web.

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Hello, in which cabin this found the couple of first class, Mr. and Mrs Holverson. Would have idea on the bridge, or the number of room of the couple? He with the bridge D was you?

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EG Lefebvre

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