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Here's my positiion about Thomas Andrews was
carring ship's plan (blueprint) to the bridge to show real damage .

That's not true -I think as well as it's not known how many people knew real damage of the Titanic.

As you might know Thomas Andrews was sittin' in his cabin and he hardly felt the collision.Capn.
Smith ordered to tell Mr Andrews to come to the bridge.So he DIDN'T take any scrolls and went
to the bridge.Then Smith,Wilde,Andrews and ship's
carpenter went to make the inspection below.

The words "Titanic will founder" were said on their way back up.-As Thomas Andrews spoke he mentioned some periods in sinking such as
"half an hour " "an hour" etc. some heard it and
as they listened perhaps parts of phrases
such as "half an hour" and "will founder" they
misinterpreted it- as in Hemming's testimony:

...Just as he went, the boatswain came, and he says, "Turn out, you fellows," he says; "you haven't half an hour to live." He said: "That is from Mr. Andrews." He said: "Keep it to yourselves, and let no one know."...

So seems to me boatswain heard some part of talk.

Anyway on the bridge there weren't such meetings which included Murdoch ,Ismay etc. as in Camerons' Titanic.
Difficult to say wether Murdoch or Lightoller knew
all the truth.But perhaps they could- fully or
part of it but I think not from Mr Andrews.

Talking about Pitman ,Boxhall,Lowe and Moody they
could only guess it for themself.

Mr Wilde acted some way different from Mr Murdoch
or Mr Lightoller.

I'll continue this research in my future posts.

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Max Nikulin

Max Nikulin

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