Mr Harry Johnson real surname Thorn

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I have managed to gather all the information on this man as quoted above, but one question remains unanswered.

Does anyone know why he signed on as Johnson when his real surname was Thorn?

Look how I've spelt Thorn without the 'e'.

He was born in Fawley on the other side of the Solent. After checking the Census for 1901, he's now living with an adopted family in Southampton, whilst his elder brother has kind of disappeared from the sense altogether. Where he went too remains unclear.

I will at a later stage be releasing the details on this man as I've got a few more bomb shell's tucked up my sleeve. I would however, be very grateful for your views or suggestions as to why he decided to signed on with a different surname.

Unfortunately the Relief Fund doesn't give anymore clues as the bulk of the old 'Letter Files' were destroyed. So I cannot offer you anymore that what I have already briefly submitted.

Thanks in advance and I especially welcome your opinions.


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