Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison

Hello,i have been interested in the titanic for a long time. I have a quesion concerning Mr Allison is Creighton his middle name or is it part of his last name? I have been curious about this for sometime now, my husbands last name is crighton, and we were just wondering if we are related. Does anyone know any information about this. Thank You.
That I know, this "Creighton" is just one of his given names, as his mother's maiden name was Johnson. But if there is one out there who is more certain than I - let them speak!

I hope this helps you.
One of the highlights of the recent trip to Ottawa was a visit to the Allison stock farm in Chesterville, a farm town about an hour outside of Ottawa. Although the Allisons had a home in Montreal, the fresian draft horses and hackney ponies and holstein cattle were raised in Chesterville. This house, now owned by the Vanden Bosch family, was originally red brick, and built by Hud for the family. He would never get to live in it. The living room has his initials in the stained glass window. Seems to bring the tragedy closer when one sees the home, church and little town they loved. They are still remembered there in the museum and community after all these years.

The interior of the church and memorial plaque describing a bell in memory of the Allisons, it was melted down years ago after weather damage and the tower shortened.


Oh how touching this is. Who is not touched by the story of the Allisons? Along with the Strauses and the Navratils, their story just grips the heart. How sad. It really does make you realize what a true horror the Titanic was.

Forgot to mention the huge stock barn was torn down in the 1970's after it was severely damaged in a bad storm. There is a wonderful photo in the museum, and also at the house, of Mr. Allison driving a sulky-type cart pulled by the prize hackney stallion. This is a high-stepping, showy breed of horse- there was a fire above part of the stable and this horse was killed. Mrs. Vanden Bosch also showed me an ornamental glass bowl which belonged to Bess, still in the kitchen china closet. The family, and indeed the whole town, keeps the Allison memory evergreen. Nice to know. I believe the future of Titanic scholarship lies in visiting the little home towns of the passengers- so many personal details to be found there add to the knowledge and make the people behind the photos we all see come to life. The town reporter interviewed as many people as she could for a special feature story about our visit to the town- they were so thrilled how interested we were in the Allisons. Here is the museum.

Now that was fast......

Wonderful photos.....great memories.....and many thanks for sharing them with everyone. Now where are the pictures from the first night in the Prime Minister suite?