Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison

An interesting part of the Allison Family story: about a week or two after the sinking, Hudson's brother received an interesting shipment: the horses that the Allisons had purchased, while in England, for their farm, had arrived.
I have 2 questions.
Shelley - what museum are you talking about that has Allison family items?
and would anyone happen to know what would become of the affects found on an persons body? (those found on Hudson to be specific)
Grant, according to what it says here when his body was found, this is what he has:
EFFECTS - Keys; letters; photos; stock book; three pocket diaries; one C. P. Railway ticket book; two pocket books; card case; $143.00 in notes; chain with insurance medals; £15 in gold; $100.00 Thomas Cook & Sons travellers' cheque; £35 in notes; gold cuff links; diamond solitaire ring; gold stud; knife; silver tie clip; $4.40 in odd coins; traveller's ticket.
Maybe they can be used by some of his descendants if they ever travel to Europe.
Thank you Andrew but what i was looking to find out was what became of these listed objects. Where they given to his family? Buried with him? But thank you Andrew.
It was probably returned to his relatives and they probably passed it down to there descendants. Maybe his descendants still treasure it.