Mrs. Alexander Thomas/Thamine Thelma

Dear Mark,

Mrs. Thomas died in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania at the age of 78. I visited her grave several years ago. Interestingly, her marker was inscribed, "Survivor of Titanic Ship." I sent a picture to Phil Hind a short while ago so you should see it on the ET soon.


Michael Findlay
I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I'm starting a new thread. There was an article in a local paper last week about Thelma Thomas, who was a Titanic survivor from third class. The Sun Newspaper of Cleveland, Ohio, interviewed her daughter, Marjorie, who related what her mother told her about the disaster. You can read the article here:


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My grandmother was Thamin Thomas. She, her infant son, Assad, her brother-in-law and several other relatives were passengers. Only she and her son survived.

Charles and her son were separated in the confusion but he gave the baby to Ms. Edwina Troutt before the ship went down.

My grandmother and her baby were reunited in New York.
Hi Wanda. So sad. I had read Edwina Troutt held a baby in her arms all night. I’m so happy mother and son were re-united. Was the baby your father or Uncle?