Mrs Allison searching for her son or refused to leave her husband

i have been doing some research on this and would like some opinions/help or any kind of co operation even if its to tell me my research has been a big waste of time lol.

I have been searching for anything which says that Bess Allison was searching for Trevor. i have been told that Alice cleaver or Sarah Daniels told Hudson J.C Allisons family this, but if Alice knew Bess was searching for Trevor, but how could they know this? if Alice and Trevor were not there, Alice would not know that Bess was searching for her unless some one told her, and if so then wouldnt she have done something about it. the articles i have read and the accounts from major pecheun and gracie say it was Mr. Allison bess was searching for. i would appreciate it if anyone could open my eyes and tell me what i am missing/overlooking or if they could tell me the source of this claim. i am in a rush to type this, so i'll add more when i get back

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hi mary,
i wish i could be more of a help to you, but this is quite a mystery. hearing the collision, sarah daniels journeyed up on deck to investigate. when realizing the seriousness, daniels rushed back to inform mr allison, but was stopped by a frantic steward who rushed her to the lifeboats. sarah explained to the steward, she needed to tend to the allisons, but the steward assured her he would look after them.
this is directly form the account of ms daniels
hope this helps!
cheers trevor
hi - before Bessie boarded in southampton she had a portrait made of lorraine and trevor. on the night of the sinking she was seen running up to people showing them the portrait and asking if they had seen him.

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Aaaanywaaay.... Back on topic:

I always thought that it was both.... Bess refused to live her husband, possibly also because she was terrified of descending in a small boat into the frigid black ocean. Meanwhile, little Lorraine would've been hysterical and quite terrified herself and would probably refuse to be parted from her mother. I bet by the time it took Bess Allison to find Hudson, realise that Trevor is safe and that there's no more time for stalling getting Lorraine on the lifeboat, it was too late.

In my theory, Bess and Lorraine probably WERE placed into collapsible A, but when the boat got swamped and washed most of the passengers overboard, the Allisons were probably sucked into the imploding windows, submerging vents or the open hole from the collapsed funnel... I shudder to think of it, such a horrific death!
I wonder if part of John Jacob Astor's resulting mutilations happened not only because the collapsing funnel, but also due to being chewed up by the flooding vents...

Also, this theory could explain why Bess and Lorraine's bodies were never discovered... And it also could be the reason why Mrs. Strauss' body was never recovered as well.

But all of that that could also mean that since Hudson Allison WAS found, there's a good chance that the family never did find each other and Bess Allison finally realised she should save her daughtervand herself first, but it was already too late... Boarding the last two collapsibles was a virtual death sentence to the hapless women passengers and their children.
>>I wonder if part of John Jacob Astor's resulting mutilations happened not only because the collapsing funnel, but also due to being chewed up by the flooding vents... <<

What mutilations? This is pretty well ingrained in the mythos surrounding the Titanic but no primary source actually supports this.
Okay, I heard it on some posts here and read about in a couple of books... The only one I remember from the top of my head is "882 1/2 Questions and Answers about the Titanic." (Yes, I know, it's sad, but I got the book when in sixth grade, LOL)

So, according to factual sources only, how DID his body look at the time of recovery?