Mrs and Frankie Goldsmith is most unfortunate that I do not have a scanner however, I can share with you what I feel the details of what I feel to be an historic relation to the events of 14-15 April 1912.

In my collection I have a first class passenger list from WHITE STAR LINE's S.S. Cymric, of Tuesday, 2nd July 1912. Of those listed are a Mrs. Frank Goldsmith and Mr. Frank Gildsmith (Jr.).

Of special interest is the recording of the voyage (in pencil reverse of list). On 8 July the CYMRIC would dip most southernly...LAT. 38 10
LONG. 46 47, distance 375 miles.

QUESTION? Did this particular voyage pertain to the hearings (15 April '12) whatsoever?

Michael A. Cundiff

Denny Magdule

Former Member
Michael, I had the honor to meet Mr Goldsmith in 1972, purely by chance I might point out. He signed a postcard featuring a portrait of the Titanic for me which I still have today.
Denny Magdule