Mrs Daniel Warner Marvin

John A. Pulos

Apr 11, 2003
I tried to post this twice last year, but was having trouble with my message board ID and finally gave up... so,
Three days before Titanic V (April 14, 2002)at a time that I am never in my restaurant, I was there with my daughter. I had picked her up from school early and we were having lunch. There were two female state troopers sitting in one of our booths. The restaurant was decorated for Titanic V. Over the booth that the troopers were in was framed New York Times from April, 1912. It has a listing of the surviving passengers. The trooper called me over (she was passing through the area and was not stationed in our area) and asked me about all the Titanic decorations. I briefly explained the dinner to her. She then pointed to the survivors and said, "that was my grandmother." Trooper Sandy King was pointing to Mrs. Daniel Marvin. I am never in the restaurant at the time I was there that day, AND Trooper King could have sat anywhere else - and not seen that newspaper - it was the only one like it in the restaurant. Mrs. Marvin became the subject of Titanic VI. Sandy put me in touch with her brother, Stuart de Camp who continues to live in the Adirondacks where the re-married Mrs. Marvin spent her later adult life. Stuart told me that she was very private about the Titanic incident and refused to talk about it. He showed me many invitations she had to attend survivor gatherings - she always refused. He did finally get her to open up to him - when they were together. He was quite young at the time, between 8 and 10 - but remembers it vividly. He told me that shortly before she died, she asked him to take her out on the Moose River in a family row boat. She had two films with her. When she told him to stop - she told him a story about Titanic and then told him that one of the films was of her and Daniel getting married (theirs was the first filmed wedding - but the movie was made after they were actually married) AND THE OTHER WAS OF TITANIC - taken by her husband. After she told him - Stuart says that she tossed the two films into the river. Stuart and Betsy joined us for Titanic VI.

Brian Meister

Mar 1, 2001
Hello John, Geoff, and Phil,

When I met Dan and Mary Marvin's daughter
in 1991, she related a similar story to me.
She and I spent a long afternoon talking of
her father and mother and I was quite sur-
prised when told of the film she purported to
have footage of their trip on Titanic.
After Mary's rescue, things heated up
between the Marvins and the Farquharsons
and Mary was quite determined to keep Dan's
parents in the dark about a lot of things
concerning their son's last days.
One of the more interesting moments came
when Mrs Rogers showed me photos of her
parents; portraits that were taken just
a day or two before leaving on Titanic
and that had been posted to them from
England by another boat.
More later.

John A. Pulos

Apr 11, 2003
As a follow-up: When Stuart de Camp was at our Titanic VI dinner, he brought me a newspaper interview that Peggy Rogers (Mary Margaret Marvin) had given the Bershire Eagle. Peggy stated how her mother would never tell her about Titanic and most of the information she received did come from her nephew (her mother's grandson), Stuart. She tells how the films were dropped in the life boat by Daniel as Mary was thrown in the boat - breaking her spine. Peggy does say that the films of the voyage were destroyed by her mother. As a side note - Stuart did tell me that he has a huge box of old films that were left by his grandmother. He does remember seeing a film, as a young boy, a film of what he thought was water. Stuart operates a Bed & Breakfast near Old Forge, and promised to (some day) look through the box and view the old films. No word from him yet.
May 8, 2001
Well, I opt to have the next Titanic get together near Old Forge! I know where to have dinner!!!! Could you imagine Stuart's B&B infested with Titaniacs?
Brian! Once again, I am on pins and needles!
Love "people" stories!
May 12, 2005
John writes: "Stuart operates a Bed & Breakfast near Old Forge, and promised to (some day) look through the box and view the old films."

Hmmm...I feel like taking a vacation all of a sudden.

Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
Anyone not doing anything else this April 14th head over to Chefs... I feel like flying over myself for one of John's famous Titanic evenings. I've got the t-shirt just never made it to the diner... yet!
Mar 3, 2001
Oh, Wow. That's enough to make a Titanic lover sick. However, from Mrs. Marvins POV, I find it very tragic, bittersweet, and perhaps even a closure for her. Darn. Where's Mere when we need it!