Mrs Harper and Mrs Smith

Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

I am being too lazy to dig through my books and was hoping someone could help me. There was a brief passage. It said something to the effect that while the boats were being uncovered, Eloise Smith and Myra Harper were chatting in the gymnasium. I've read Harper's account and seen Smith's testimony and neither makes a mention of the incident. Was it a bit of dramatic license on the part of the author or is there another account floating about?
Fiona Nitschke

Fiona Nitschke

Hello Mike,

No worries and I didn't do much digging either - first book to hand, ANTR. Bingo.

"...Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Sleeper Harper sat quietly chatting in the gym just off the Boat Deck..."

As to where the story originally came from, who among us has not, at one time or another, decried Lord's lack of footnotes/attributions/references. Anyway, the episode is probably in other books too, but now it's your turn.

Cheers, F
Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

Hello Fiona:
I had thought it had come from Lord, but like I said, didn't feel like openning the book(s).
I do know Lord has admitted to making up certain scenarios. I wonder if this is one of them. Supposedly Eloise Smith wrote a later account. Perhaps he found that or since Henry Harper was involved with Harper's Bazaar maybe he did an anniversary article.
Well hopefully we can finish our book discussion when we last spoke before you came for the convention.
Best wishes

Randy Bryan Bigham


Re: Henry Sleeper Harper

I thought Mr. Harper wrote an article just after his rescue for "Harper's Weekly." Perhaps this info is in there. If so it must be in the April 20 or 27th issue. I have a cover only for the 20th issue so I can't help in finding it.

Elsewhere I can say I am sure the Harper family had nothing to do with "Harper's Bazaar" after its sale to William Randolph Hearst in 1913. That was when it was altered from a kind of boring household journal to the very sleek fashion magazine it is today. I have about two dozen Harper's Bazaars (actually spelled "Bazar" till the late 20s), dating from 1913-21, and have never come across anything written by Harper.

Re: Walter Lord

What Fiona has said re: Walter Lord's lack of notes/sources in ANTR is true but I am sure others here who also know Walter can say that this man's office is full of incredible things. It will only be when (and if) this info is ever put into a public archive that many of the sources we historians are so desirous of can finally be found.

All my best,

Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

Hello Randy
If you read my first message- I already have Harper's original account. And the incident is not described there.
Oh well, back to the library.

Mike Herbold

For the record. The "Harper's Weekly" article was April 27, 1912 and was Henry Sleeper Harper's story as told to the author of the article, William Inglis.