Mrs Ida Straus


Gina Stone

I have seen the lists of bodies recovered, and Isidor Strauss is accounted for, but what about his wife, Ida?

Was she ever found?


Daniel Rosenshine

What I find interesting is that there is a general belief that the Strauses returned to their cabin and died there and it is thus portrayed in the Cameron movie.

No one ever stops to think that cabins C55-57 are completely intact and that Isidor's body was recovered. Thus they did not die in their cabin and this is another historically inaccurate portrayal in Cameron's movie (Bill Wormstead should change this on his site).


Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Hi Daniel,
I totally agree about the wrong depiction of their deaths. I believe Cameron is also in error in placing John Jacob Astor in the Grand staircase as the glass dome implodes. This is impossible as Astor's body was recovered. Astor could not have floated through the dome, anyway as wooden debris and the remains of funnel #2 would have blocked him.
His depiction of Guggenheim's demise is more plausible
On the positive side, Cameron accounts for a lot of passengers who don't have speaking parts e.g. Widener and son, Thayer and son, Hays, Davidson and others. It's quite fun pointing them out!



P.S It's interesting that the recovery of Straus' body is not mentioned in the well-known books
Mar 18, 2000
Daniel said:

>No one ever stops to think that cabins C55-57 are >completely intact and that Isidor's body was
>recovered. Thus they did not die in their cabin >and this is another historically inaccurate
>portrayal in Cameron's movie (Bill Wormstead >should change this on his site).

I'm not sure what you're saying I should change, Daniel. All I stated was "some accounts say that they may have returned to their cabin to await
the end", which is true - some people have stated they thought the Stauss' went below. This is not what I believe, though. The fact that Cameron presented the Strauss at all is the historical piece.

If they had been below, neither body would have been found. And there are other accounts where the Strauss' were sitting in chairs on the Boat Deck, later on in the evening after #8 was lowered.

Daniel Rosenshine

Hello Bill,

Sorry if I misunderstood you. What I understood is that since some accounts suggest they returned to their cabin to await the end and that's what Cameron portrayed, that's what must have happened.

In the movie, the couple is shown lying in their bed (another historical inaccuracy is that the bed portrayed is the wrong style!) and the water is pouring in and them clutching each other doesn't suggest they're about to pop out of bed to run up top. Them lying there and the water pouring in basically suggests they drown.

However Cameron should have researched to see which bodies were recovered, thus placing the passengers accordingly. There are plenty of myths, that's not to say they're correct. If factual evidence shows otherwise, Cameron should not have portrayed the Strauses as drowning in their cabin or that Astor died in the staircase.



Dec 16, 2001
United Kingdom
Ida Strauss died with her husband Isador. They were last seen sitting on deck chairs when a large wave came and swept them away. Isador's body was recovered and identified but Ida's body was never recovered.

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