Mrs J Murray Brown

Aug 29, 2000
Here is a short article found today in another small local paper called the Concord Enterprise-

Among the passengers on Titanic was Mrs. J. Murray Brown, widow of the late J. Murray Brown, and mother of Mrs. George S. Keyes of Concord. Mrs. Brown went to England in the early part of March accompanied by her sisters Mrs. E.D. Appleton and Mrs. Robert Cornell, both of New York city. They were called abroad by the illness of their sister, Lady Lilly Drummond, the wife of Sir Charles. It will be remembered that she died shortly after. Immediately on learning of the terrible disaster, two sons of Mrs. Brown, Murray Brown of Acton and his brother from Boxboro left, one for New York, one for Halifax so as to meet their mother at whichever port she landed. According to the printed lists, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Appleton were rescued and are passengers on Carpathia- no record however is there of Mrs. Cornell who is the widow of Judge Cornell of New York. Mrs. Brown, who is the widow of the late J. Murray Brown of the publishing house of Little, Brown, & Co. was a resident of Belmont and had a summer home in East Acton. She was a frequent visitor in Concord.

Dated April 17, 1912. Wonderful how newspapers used to give so much detail.
Jun 8, 2002
Dear Shelley,

The old, small town papers gave the best coverage of their citizens and relations involved in such international events as the sinking of the "Titanic" because they had to get it right! As you certainly know, Walter Lord used such cources often in his research because he knew he could rely on them.

Thank you very much for sharing that interesting article.

Warmest regards,

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Unless she married a judge previously, Malvina Cornell was no widow. He husband was Robert Cornell, who was described by The New York Times as a magistrate. He met her on the pier in New York after having at first been told she was lost. He shielded her from the press and took her home.

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