Mrs Mamam J Renago

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Who was Mamam J.Renago?
Only I know she was a first class passenger and she was saved.
But I only know this,
Which was her age?
That cabin occupied?
Did she travel alone?
That is known of his her life?
Probably she ocupped the cabin of C Deck
The name 'Renago, Mrs Maminam (or Mamam) J' appeared in a very early listing of survivors which was published in various newspapers very soon after the sinking. At that time, such listings were full of errors, often due to garbled reception of telegraphed information. Maybe this was an extreme mis-spelling, but no name comes to mind that's even close, except perhaps Marian for the first name.
I think you hit the nail on the head, Lester. Especially if 'Penasco, Mrs Maria J' had at some stage been recorded by somebody with handwriting like mine! :)
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She was also on the Supplementary List of 1st Class survivors in US Senate Report 806.
In this case Mrs Penasco [and her maid] are both on the alphabetical Survivor List to which the attached is added.

Supplementary US Senate List

USSenate - 1st Class supplementaries.bmp
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Below is a scan of the front cover of Senate Report 806. While the booklet can be viewed on-line at: [American Inquiry - Final Report] the Passenger and Crew Lists are not as they appear in the booklet, which can be purchased from the Titanic Historical Society.

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What I posted on the 21st came from Senate Report 806, but you need to accept that there was NO passenger on the Titanic called: Mamam T. Renago. That such a name appears in a Supplementary List published in Senate Report 806 does not make her a surviving passenger. - As the heading to that List states the name is amongst the cabled names of first-class passengers saved. - The name is an ERROR for a survivor, most likely Mrs Penasco.