Mrs Straus and Miss Evans

Are there any accounts of these ladies final moments.

Was Miss Evans alone when she died, all her friends had got into boats hadn't they.

And did the Straus' just simply stay together accepting there fate? And not even try to abandon ship
I don't believe anyone knows what happened to Miss Evans.

As far as the Strausses, the last time they were seen was sitting on deck chairs holding hands.

Of course, they didn't quietly slip beneath the waves. The final moments were plunged into freezing water and struggling for their lives.
I don't suppose anyone dies quietly, even if they've made an ethical, philosophical, or humanitarian decision that their own lives are worth less than others'. Due to age, for example. Or because they have been placed in loco parentis of a child, even at a relatively young age themselves.

You'd still struggle for life.
People die quietly, Monica. Three months ago, my mother was in the hospital under morphine and quietly slipped away. But people who are submerged in icy water in the dark have a little bit more of a problem than those at home in bed.

My point was that it's easy to think of the Titanic's dead as just merely slipping beneath the water and that's the peaceful end. But the fact is that Edith Evans amd Mrs. Strauss may have died horrible deaths by being crushed, sucked back into the ship as it went under, become entangled in wreckage and dragged to the bottom. We just don't know they weren't among the recovered.

It's clear that Mr. Strauss drowned or froze to death as his body was intact when recovered. But that doesn't mean that Mrs. Strauss died by his side.