Mrs Thayer

Sally Sorour

Oct 13, 2001
Does anyone have any info on Mrs. Thayer's life before titanic and her marriage? Her hobbies, interests, activities? Was she an active society matron? Were Mrs. Ryerson and Mrs Widener active society matrons? What did society matrons usually do in the period before 1912?
Mar 20, 2000

Your questions about the activities of society ladies have been answered already. As to the specific work of these ladies, supplementing what I and others have mentioned, you need to do some hands-on research of your own by consulting back issues of Philadelphia newspapers.

I'd suggest your going to your local library. Even if you are not in a metropolitan area, a librarian can still help you order materials from larger locations that will aid you in your search.

There are numerous books on the Edwardian era that will be beneficial to you. Ask your librarian to point you to these or have her/him order them via interlibrary loan.

An inevitable suggestion for reading: "The Edwardians" by James Laver.

Best wishes,

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