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MS Canada

Discussion in 'Imaginary ships' started by ADeblois, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. ADeblois

    ADeblois Member

    Hello guys,

    I've started an ambitioious design project to create a national flagship for my home country of Canada, named MS CANADA of course ;)

    Here are her main specifications:
    Tonnage: 40,000 GT+
    Length: 860 ft overall, 825 ft waterline
    Beam: 93.5 ft hull, 94 ft extreme
    Displacement: 37,320 long tons normal (@ draft of 29.5 ft)
    Engine selection: diesel-generators with electric motors (possibly 4 shafts?)
    Horsepower: service - 67,400 shp (75,000 bhp); max (design) - 104,600 shp (116,500 bhp)
    Speed: 28 1/2 knots service, 33 knots maximum
    Passenger capacity: 1000+
    Crew: estimated anywhere from 650-700

    *This makes her the largest ever ship that will be designed and constructed in her homeland Canada, as well as the country's fastest ship in her merchant service.

    I intend to design/build this liner for real in the future.

    My question is what sort of arrangement of propulsion machinery would work best for this...I know I've selected diesel-generators/electric motors in a similar format to Oceanic III from 1928, but I seem to be confused on how many diesel-generating sets I will need for the horsepower I've calculated. Also splitting the power over 4 shafts compared to 2 would result in a more efficient system right? Considering the size of the ship (same length as HMS Hood) 4 shafts would most likely be a better option. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    I wish you luck! Perhaps people who are involved in the cruise and shipping industries know better than us, but I have thought for quite awhile that passenger transatlantic service is ripe for resurrecting. The market would always be somewhat niche, but I think it could be profitable. And of course, I dreamed of building a great liner for the purpose, however I decided, lacking a billion dollars, perhaps some older liners in retirement could do. When I realized that I could get that off the ground for around 100 or so million I was super excited for all of a second--until I remembered that I am a very poor graduate student with $100 in my bank account! :D
  3. ADeblois

    ADeblois Member

    This is the latest information concerning my superliner MS Canada. Her inspiration is the American liner SS United States, although not as swift. In any case, she will be the swiftest ocean liner afloat if she is built, a full 3 knots faster than the Cunarder RMS Queen Mary 2.

    Tonnage: 30,000-40,000 GT (prelim. estimate)
    Length (ft/m): 800 ft/244 m (overall); 760 ft/231 m (waterline)
    Beam (ft/m): 87.5 ft/26.7 m
    Draft (ft/m): 27.5 ft/8.5 m
    Displacement (weight): 28,530 tons (normal)
    Installed power: 140,000 SHP (shaft horsepower) from diesel-electric generators driving four electric motors, 4 propellers
    Speed: 33 knots (max); 27 knots (service)
    Capacity: 1,600 passengers, 700 crew (estimate)
    Homeport: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Cost: $400 million (estimate)

    My Facebook page: MS Canada - Canada's Flagship | Facebook
  4. Keira Buckley

    Keira Buckley Member