Muffet Brown


Matt Endacott

does anyone have Muffet Brown's email address (Margaret Brown's grand-daughter)?

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Matt E.

If anyone does happen to have an address of any Titanic related people, it would be inapropriate (sp?) to post them on the message board without permission of the said person. Its just out of respect for privacy.

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Andrew M.
Matt, Andrew is bang on the money regarding the giving out of e-mail addresses. As a matter of internet ettiquette, it's considered very bad form to give out information like that without the address holders permission.

Ms. Brown has been known to drop in here on occasion if something grabs her interest. If she decides to post here at any time in the future, there would be no problem with posting a reply to that message on this forum.
A Google search for Muffet Brown reveals she graduated from high school in 1980. If she was 18 when she graduated from high school, that means she was born in 1962, making her about 44 today. Robert H. Gibbons
Jack, I think it's a bit inappropriate to be asking personal questions on a public forum about someone who does not usually post here - or even of someone who does! I've met Muffet on a few occasions, and she is quite a gregarious and forthcoming person. If she wishes to share this information publicly (or privately) I have no doubt she will do so.
Hello Inger - I only ask this Because i am putting together a geneology of Molly Brown and if i offended you i am truly sorry.
oops.Jack is a friend of mine and in using the same computer a mistake was made in the loging on process. he frogot to sign on.
I'm not offended at all, Jack/Grant. I don't think that Muffet would be either, but as I'm sure you would appreciate, it is up to her what personal information she puts in the public domain. This is all accessible through public birth/death/marriage records so you're certainly not in breach of any law, but as a matter of courtesy I think it would be best to let her answer if she chooses to do so.

I'm not sure if I have a current email address for Muffet - if I did, I'd be happy to email her and ask if she would like to contact you.
Hello Inger - Sorry about that signing on mishap. if you could email Muffet and ask that it would be great.Jack.
I've sent an email to Muffet - if she wishes to contact you either directly or through the board, the decision is up to her.
Muffet has read the thread and has very kindly responded fully to the questions raised above and provided some additional information. She responds as follows:

Hello Jack and Grant and Bob and the curious about MTB's youngest great-grandchild. My ET account has lapsed, and my public email account is not ready yet, as I have recently moved back to the SF Bay Area after spending 2 years in Phoenix, Arizona, and several parts of my life are in transition. Therefore, I asked Inger to be so kind as to post this on ET for me.

I have never married and have no children, but I am a very doting auntie to 2 great-great-granddaughters of MTB who carry the Brown name and will probably be the last direct descendants to do so. I will not elaborate on them, as they are minors, but I could picture them taking charge of lifeboats someday if they had to!

To set the record straight, I grad. from high school in 1981, and I am 43. I realize I am approaching the age my famous ancestor was when she became a grandmother for the first time by my father's birth. Just a few months later she would be boarding the Titanic. How our lives have been so different!

If someone wants a truly good geneological challenge, one should try to figure out if Margaret was really born when most historians have accepted or on the date on her headstone, which is I think a year and a day later. My own family's records offer no clarifications. I've been curious if a great flood or storm had in fact been recorded in either 1867 or 1868 on the Mississippi in Hannibal or St Louis around July
18-19, but it wouldnt prove anything, it would just be fun to know.

People can send me letters via the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver.

--Muffet Laurie Brown

("Laurie" was my grandmother's nickname for my grandfather Lawrence P. Brown. He was written to as "Uncle Laurie" by the Benziger grandchildren of MTB's as well)