Multimedia performance on The sinking of the Titanic

Deborah Kogan

Jan 29, 2003
Yesterday and today there was (and will be) a multimedia program at the Union League building here in Philadelphia. Peregrine Arts ( and New York's Ridge Theater will be producing it. There will be Gavin Bryars' 1969 composition "The Sinking of the Titanic" (with echoes, distant sounds, and pieces of music that the band would have played), old celluloid silent film and picture montages (icebergs, telegraph notices) on a large screen, and text sung by people representing Eleanor and Harry Widener (the Philadelphia Widener connection). Tonight, a reproduction of the final (I assume First Class) dinner on the Titanic will follow, at $250 per person. Yesterday's show only was $30. Perhaps if you contact Peregrine Arts, they can bring it to a venue near you.

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