Murdochs Medals

Inger Sheil

As far as I'm aware he did not, Bedig. He was in the Royal Naval Reserves (RNR), but did not see active service. He would have been eligible for the Reserve Decoration had he lived to serve at least 15 years in the RNR (as Lightoller, Boxhall, Lowe and Pitman did), but he died before either serving that length of time or before WWI.

It is possible that one of the vessels he served on transported troops during the Boer War (indeed, there are rumours to that effect), but as far as I'm aware he was not eligible for the Boer War transportation medal.
I have a name-indexed list of all the recipients of the Transport medal and can confirm, somewhat belatedly, that William Murdoch was not awarded the Transport medal. Possibly he never served on any of the Transports during the 1899-1902 Boer war conflict.

I see from his ET Biography that he served on the Medic but it does not say when. The Medic was hired as a Transport during the Boer War but the Officers were not considered eligible for this medal - I can only speculate that it was because the Medic was employed on the Australia run.