Murdoch's parents and grandparents

Sep 7, 2008
A have a question about the parents of William Murdoch.His father was a scottish man,but from which country comes his mother? I heard that she comes from Ireland.Is it true?
With many thanks to Wendy Murdoch Roberts and Tiphaine Hirou I have now updated my website with stunning high resolution images of William Murdoch's parents, Captain Samuel Murdoch and wife Jane ("Jeanie"), as well as his grandfather Captain James Murdoch and wife Agnes.

Clicking on the photographs opens larger high resolution versions on the following pages:
Early Life
Murdoch Family Tree

The pages above also have updated biographical information on William's family. Information on his two cousins James Cumming of Kippford and William Black of Palnackie, both born the same year as William (1873) can also be found on this page including an image of James Cumming at Kippford.


May 5, 2001
Elizabeth Gibbons wrote in To The Bitter End

''Ada Murdoch's dignified gesture of sending the letter for publication was her only known public action. She may have attended the memorial service held in Southampton on April 30, 1912, but if so her presence was not recorded by the Southampton Echo. Sometime in May she was certain to have been visited by Lightoller in person; he also called on Captain and Mrs. Murdoch and the family in Dalbeattie. After such journeys of condolence, Lightoller's version of what had happened that dark April night was immovable.''

is it true Lightoller visited Murdoch's parents?

Aly Jones

Nov 22, 2008
Murdoch's parents died in 1917, so maybe lightoller visited them. I've read a post from inger that moody visited lightoller, also pittman was close to moody, even writing to moodys sister Margaret. it seems all titanic officers were close to each other and to each others family members.

I don't know where Murdochs mother came from, but I did presume both of his parents were Scottish. I've never read anywhere that his mother was from Ireland. Maybe you got confused with officer lowe? He was from wales, close to Ireland.

Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
NewtonMearns, Glasgow, Scotland.
A splendid article ... very well researched. I enjoyed every word.
As a matter of coincidence, I am related to the Murdochs... not the same part of the clan. My great, great Grandfather was Thomas Murdoch. pistol maker whose brother , John, also a pistol maker, made the pistol which fired the "shot that was heard around the world." The clan originated in Doune, Perthshire.
Another coincidence... I had a black Newfie dog...named Winston. But my first dog was named...Rigel. I too am a Master Mariner.:D

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