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Paul van Munster

Hi there!

In Camerons Titanic the band is playing several numbers (not only at the sinking but also at lunch, dinner et cetera).

I want to know if these numbers (like 'Orpheus' and 'Wedding Dance') really were played on the ship, where I can find them on google or something and witch numbers also were played on the ship (like: Nearer my God to Thee, Songe D'Automne, Chant Sans Paroler, Elite Syncopations, The Blue Danube)

Dave Gittins

Dave Gittins

Paul there's a thread on this somewhere. In brief, there's not a lot on the Internet because the recordings of these pieces are modern and are copywrite. You might find odd samples.

There are two records that attempt to reproduce music played on board. When last checked, both were still available from Amazon and elsewhere.

One is by I Salonisti, the group that played in Camerons's flick. The other is by Ian Whitcomb on the Rhino label. Both have their points. I find I Salonisti's playing more elegant. Whitcomb includes pieces that might have been more to third class taste. (Third class passengers made their own music). The good news is that the pieces you mention are on the CDs and there is not much duplication.

As to what was really played on the ship, there are quite a few tunes scattered through personal accounts. Part of a White Star song book is in Triumph and Tragedy, by Eaton & Haas. It lists 120 pieces, most of them transcriptions of popular classics.