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Hi Everyone,
Quick question for my research. Were the musicians White Star employees or hired independently ? If I missed it somewhere on here I do apologize.

The musicians were independant contractors and ticketed as second class passengers. See This entry for the details. They all boarded in Southampton on 10 April 1912 on ticket No. 250654.
Thank you very much. I guess I was thrown off since I read somewhere that they wore White Star pins and my impression was (and obviously wrong) that they were employees....

Thanks again
For an explanation of how this came to be, look at Musicians

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They were not crew and were not passengers so that sort of puts them in a strange situation I guess much like the 'a la carte' staff who I believe were nor crew or passengers but simply hired by the person who ran restaurant.
Can anyone give me information on the musician who played the Tuba? I don't know his name although someone said his name is Justin.

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Hello Mable,

Welcome aboard. None of the musicians played a tuba on board Titanic.

For a complete list of the band and their biographies, click here.