My fascination with the Titanic

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Caroline Mendes Ferreira

Hello guys I will tell you a little about my fascination with the Titanic, I remember that was the year 2000 when I saw the movie Titanic James Cameron and from then on I started to get interested in the story. So I started researching passengers, official and also inside the ship. I also created a site Titanic Great Moments showing my work.
One day my cousin came and pergutou me why you love this ship so much? I said because it is a wonderful story of survival, heroism, also courage, strength. I also wanted to bring this story to my family to know what she fou Titanic ship of dreams and the largest transatlantic that the world has ever seen.


Jul 21, 2012
United Kingdom
I think so as well. She just makes a thread to state something and does not include any questions. It's a waste of a thread if you ask me.

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