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Rhys B. Davies

Hello all

Time-travel novels relating to the Titanic seem to be all the rage lately (Marlene Dotterer's excellent 'Shipbuilder' comes to mind), so I hope that no-one minds if I also try and carve out a space for myself here.

I recently self-published an e-novel entitled 'Timewreck Titanic', and have received permission to start a thread in a bit of self-advertisement, but also as a thank you to everyone here at Encyclopedia Titanica.

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April 14th 2012:

A fleet of ships have gathered in the North Atlantic to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the most famous maritime disaster of all history.

Suddenly, a pulse of light engulfs several of the ships, who find themselves on an open ocean dotted with icebergs. Desperately trying to make contact with the outside world, they detect no satellite or radio signals, except for a single vessel just off to the north, who is sending out messages of distress in archaic Morse code.

Her name is the RMS Titanic. She has struck an iceberg and is sinking.

Displaced a century into the past, the ships of the Titanic Memorial Fleet find themselves suddenly intervening in the very disaster that they had gathered to remember.

Can they change the outcome of this night?

Should they even try?

What will be the consequences of introducing modern ideas and technologies into a world ill-prepared to handle them, on the brink of a century of catastrophic war and change?

And can they ever go home?


The book was produced as part of a bit of self-therapy; having failed multiple times to make headway with an ongoing writing project, I decided last autumn to try my hand at something completely different and knocked this out in six months, channeling a deep interest in Titanic and a love for science-fiction.

One objective I set myself was to try and avoid telling 'the same story all over again' with the addition of a fictional subplot, and to instead use time-travel as a means of exploring what Titanic means (both the ship and the disaster), to the societies of two eras a century apart, and to explore what might happen when these two timeframes are brought crashing together. As such, I resolved to not use fictional characters for 1912-era figures, and as such every contemporary persona featured in the book, from EJ Smith right through to a little girl on a New York quayside, are actual people who required considerable research to try and convey accurately. Encyclopedia Titanica was a major help during this effort, and I cannot thank everyone here enough (though special thanks are reserved for Parks Stephenson and Sam Helpern, who both gave me invaluable advice during the writing process).

I hope the results are worth it, and anyone intrigued is welcome to view a free sample on Amazon, from where the book can be purchased for the Kindle, PC, Mac and Blackberry; Timewreck Titanic




Rhys B. Davies

Apologies for the faux-pas of double-posting, but this might be of interest.

A recent (and very positive) review drew attention to the number of characters featured in Timewreck Titanic, which left me wondering as to how many I had exactly written. I mentioned previously that I wanted to not create any fictional passengers or crew for the Titanic, and so I drew up a list of every historic figure featured in the narrative. The result was a whopping sixty-three persons;

(Names in bold are primary cast, names in plain font are secondary characters, italicized names are cameos)


Thomas Andrews
Bruce Ismay
Jack Thayer
Milton Long
Archibald b***
Thomas Byles
JJ Astor
Madeleine Astor
Margaret ‘Maggie’ Brown

Cosmo Duff-Gordon
Lucille Duff-Gordon
John Thayer
Marion Thayer
William Harbeck
Daniel Mervin
Lawrence Beesley
Benjamin Guggenheim
Victor Giglio
Archibald Gracie
Charles Melville Hayes
Roderick Chisholm
Francis Parkes
Ennis Watson
Helen Candee
Arthur Peuchen
Isidor Strauss
Ida Strauss


EJ Smith, Captain
William Murdoch, 1O
Charles Lightoller, 2O

Henry Wilde, CO
Jack Phillips, MO
Harold Bride, MO
Joseph Bell, CE
Frederick Barrett, LF
Herbert Harvey, EO
Herbert Pitman, 3O
Joseph Boxhall, 4O
Harold Lowe, 5O
James Moody, 6O
George Rowe, QM
Alfred Olliver, QM
Robert Hitchens, QM
William O’Loughlin, MD
Robert Millar, DH
John Hesketh, EO



Herbert Haddock, Captain
Ernest Moore, MO
Alec Bagot, MO



Stanley Lord, Captain
Charles Groves, 3O
George Stewart, CO
Cyril Evans, MO



Arthur Rostron, Captain
Horace Dean, 1O
Harold Cottam, MO



Archibald Taft, POTUS
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Phillip Franklin, WSL
Benjamin Steele, WSL
Johann von Bernstorff, German Ambassador
Georgine O’Brien


Reading through this, I can't help but notice that the majority of the cast are drawn from First Class. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
J Burdette

J Burdette

"I can't help but notice that the majority of the cast are drawn from First Class"

Perhaps it's because we know more about 1st class pax with the inquiries and books such as Gracie's, etc? This is purely amateur speculation.

J Sheehan

I picked up my copy of Timewreck Titanic just a few months back. I think it's quite a good book.

I think some of the scenes where the characters from the future interact with the characters from the Titanic are quite good, and the scenes where the time-travelling takes place and the aftermath of it is also quite well done too.

I think that the book might make an excellent mini-series if someone should adapt it.