My great grand uncles and aunts were on the titanic.


Mar 3, 2015
I have been told by my mom not to say names but this is just to let you know, my great granduncles, their maid and aunts were on it. They were in 2nd class travelling with my great uncle and aunts. On the day the iceberg struck the titanic, only my youngest great uncle was sleeping in the cabin with his maid. He was 13 years old and the maid was 29. The others were busying exploring the ship, since they were in the lower deck, they were one of the first ones to die. They were last seen going to an elevator, this is reported by a crew who survived. About 20 minutes later, the maid and the boy were only notified by the sinking and that they have to get their life jackets from the cabin and on to the deck. On the way to the deck, they somehow got to the grand staircase and it was already flooding like hell. To get to the deck, they had to get through the window. By the time they got through the window, the ship was already sinking halfly and the lifeboats were gone. That is all I can tell you, they were last seen on the deck by an officer who knows them.

I think they died of hypothermia as the water is cold for them or something collapsed on them or they just drowned.. This is still a mystery to solve.

I just want to know how did they died? Can you guys give out maybe some theories on how? I know it will not be exact but I just want the feeling and idea. Thanks !