My Great Great Grandfather



My mother insists that her grandfather
Mr Williams, boarded a ship that would never sink,
he was a Fireman. When he didnt return, my Great-Great Grandmother shortly after suffered a heart attack and both my Grandmother and her sister were put in an orphanage in Liverpool.. Can anyone shed any light and Mr. E williams. My grandmother is now deceased and this is all the info my mother can give me. My Grandmothers name was Catherine.
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

It might help if you could find out some more if you can. After checking the crews lists, the only people I could find by the name of Williams I could find listed as a fireman was Samuel S. Williams. Unfortunately, he died in the sinking.

You might also want to consider that this may be a bit of family folklore. Bogus Titanic passangers and crew are pretty numerous.

Michael H. Standart

Chris Dohany

Samuel Williams signed on as "E. Williams" using his brother's name. Samuel did not have any children and was not married. Titanic relief fund records and known descendants attest to this. As Mr. Standart has brought up, this is perhaps an innocent case of family lore, which is seen often in the Titanic community. Your great great grandfather was possibly the unfortunate victim of another sinking, but without further information it would be difficult to pinpoint which sinking.