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This is part of my last meassage- it was never answered so here's another try...

....(cont from last message)FINALLY- there is a message board-and I do have several questions and comments to anyone who will respond:

1. I have a plan of the first class accomodations that indicates that the suites on C-Deck, such as those occupied by the Wideners and Thayers were actually grouped together in fours so that instead of just having one cabin- you actually occupied three and the bathroom in between.Is this true?

2. Where would first class stewards receive calls from their respective passengers? Were there central service rooms in first class?

3. Which cabins in 1st class had telephone access?

4. How was it decided on which entranceway first class passengers used in Southampton? Was the one on d-deck used as wel as the one on b-deck?

Thank You
Not open for further replies.