My new new painting of the HMHS Britannic

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Hi Everyone,

Right now I'm working on a painting of the HMHS Britannic.

I realize this painting from a photograph that I get real on the internet.

For information when the painting is completed it will be sold at auction on ebay.

For more information you can contact me on my e-mail to: l.codus @

Kind regards
Dear George,

Thank you very much for your comment.

I was not yet finished my painting as I painted in time lost.

But if you want to see more visit my blog there is every change of my painting.

Again thank you.

Hi Everyone,

I post to the passionate photo of my painting.

The commentary to his welcome.


Dear Sally,

Thank you for your comment.

I like to paint from an actual photo of the day.

I read help of the photo of Bruce Beveridge is on the web page J.Kent.Layton.

Again thank you for your comment Sally.

Kind regards.
Hi Everybody,

I read happy to say that my painting is finished I really spend a layer of matte varnish to finish.

The comments to his welcome.

I'll post as soon as possible the link for sale on the eBay Web site.

Thank you all.

Kind regards all.
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