My Painting of the wreck of the titanic of 2004

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Hi Everybody,

I post My Painting of the wreck of the titanic of 2004 Non Finishes.

Hi Marko

I am not very keen on private emails. This is as you say a public forum and that's where subsequent postings should be made.

I am sorry if you felt I was being sarcastic. I truly liked your painting but thought you might be interested in accuracy. This is a specialist forum on the topic of Titanic after all.
Hi Ernie,
Excuse me for my inadeqate reaction.You are in right.Thank you for your suggestion.The artwork
looks quite different than the web presentation is,of course much better.I can write at least five pages about this artwork but,next time.+++ jpeg +++ 113765 +++ Rear funnel +++
Hi interested people,

I am looking for someone who want to help about selling.
In question is my artwork called:
"The last twilight" an oil on canvas.
Codus- Great picture! I am guessing it just landed. However you might want to make the incision a little smaller it was only 3/4 of an inch wide.
Thank you Mario,
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