My staircase is a bustliterally

Mar 19, 2005
My husband or someone put something on top of it, and collapsed the staircase, also all the pieces I handcarved are now missing. I had foot surgery and shelved it for six months, now I have to start again....almost at the beginning.
The staircase collapsing is part blessing, it will make running the wiring easier, but I am bummed. It needs to be repainted, re-varnished, and re-assembled.
The cherub and stair post it was on are where to be found. I had hoped to have it done by x-mas.
I bought new supplies, but somehow I doubt it will be able to be up by x-mas like I hoped. The dome may be beyond repair.
Yes, I am having a modelers pity I'll post pics when I can update it soon. For now, all I can do is re-erect the staircase and wire it...IF I can find where the wiring supplies disappeared to.
Thanks for letting me vent!


I think it's partially repairable! It'll take several hours of work a day to get it ready for x-mas...but I might just do it! I'll post pics soon!
Mar 19, 2005
My biggest hanging points on this project are:
1. My perfectionism. I saw the other models posted here and elsewhere, and it intimidated me and made me feel as if mine was a 88 yr olds scribbles by comparison.
2. Trying to make the railings. My latest attempt was making a mold and pouring various plastics into it, thinking that way I could expedidite the process. That failed miserably. Now I shall have to learn how to bend and solder brass as I should have at the biginning.
3. Not staying on top of my project! I have shelved my project twice, and twice my husband has put it in storage,thus two times the staircase has been collapsed due to objects being left on it.
3. My original carving of the cherubs post stand has disappeared while it was shelved. I have no idea where it went, so now my wood and chisel have to be brought back out.
4. This is my first model EVER
5. Finding building materials is a challenge, and having no plans to work from has made this a challenge...a tiring one.
6. I have no experience in metal work whatsoever, so making the railings is daunting. I'll have to learn to bend brass
7. I have no engineering experience
8. All my supplies had to be bought online for the most part, I live in a tiny town.
9. Overcoming my own perfectionism

I am determined however. I have decided that since I cannot build one as magnificent as others have, that I will scrap perfect accuracy and think of my model as a recreation instead of a mirror of the actual original, since my skill is not on par with others here.
However, it will be beautiful and unique, because I made it!
My goal is to have it 90% done before x-mas. The rest can wait.
If any of the regulars here have any pointers on how to bend and shape brass strips, that would be wonderful.
Mar 19, 2005
I managed to put the basic staircase back up, and while I was at it, I ran the wiring. The side stairs have to wait till tomorrow, as the paint is drying now.
The bad part of it's collapse is this is the third time someone has collapsed it, so the stairs, despite all my work, will never line up perfectly.
But, I'll carry on. I think for my first model ever, it'll do just fine.
Thanks again Frank for you help. I could use hints on the railings still though!
May 3, 2004
Hello Wendy,

I think you are doing a fantastic job on your model. let me know if you need any more help.
I be glad to do so.


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