My Titanic 3D Model


Several Years ago I posted some of my work on my 3d Titanic. Recently I have not had much time to make much progress on the model because of schoolwork, but recently my school has went on strike so I have lots of time now. Anyways, Here are several Renders of her and hopefully more soon. Hope you enjoy them!

Matthew Annett






Here is a render of Southamton in its early works. The Building needs to be placed further back on the docks and the boarding platforms still need to be added. I have also added funnel stays to the model instead of adding them in photoshop.


These models were created by me. I use Google Sketchup with a combination of Kerkythea, and Photoshop to make the renders. The model did take quite a bit of time to make but has acually been "almost complete" for several years. There are just some details that I never got around to completing and just work on it whenever I have the time.
Here is an updated version of the Southampton dock. The changes include: People added, Re textured building, docking platform added, Background structures added, And better lighting for a midday appearance.
I will also be adding the pictures to photobucket for a higher resolution

Titanic in  southampton.jpg
Here are some better Quality Pictures:

And Here is a new render with an improved hull texture. It is far from perfect but helps give a more realistic appearance
Thank you Christian, I have seen your renders before and they are amazing! They are really an inspiration to me. Right now I am working on texturing my Grand staircase


Terrific work, Matthew! The two on-board renderings help to give me more of a feeling of actually being on the ship that watching the movies don't, for some reason. I'm looking forward to seeing your grand staircase.
I work in miniatures, and would really like to do a roombox someday of one of the staterooms, or 2nd class cabins.

It has been awile since I have posted anything. This is partly because I am now back in school, but also because I have been doing some work on my staircase. I opened my old model and realized that it was very in-accurate and that it need alot of work. So far I have corrected the height of the railings, and also modified the shape of the stairs. It still needs alot of work , such as correcting the steel inserts in the railing, the cealing, and the passage to the elevators. The two first images are of the model prior to the modifications in sketchup, and the third is a rendered image of the modifications I have done so far.



Yes I agree that the clock is too small in this render. It is also much to high and it is missing some detail in the arch as well. I have already remodelled this wall and the clock along with the roof. Just waiting for the render to complete
Here is another update of the staircase. The front wall has been remodelled and so has the clock as I said.I have also re-worked the cealing and added some wood trim where it was missing before.

I have currently been working with another rendering program that holds two major advantages over the previous one. It allows realtime lighting, and also has a faster animation system. The interior and day time renders however, are not as good quality so I will stick with both programs. Here is two night scenes and also a day scene created with the new program.




Its been quite awile since I have posted any progress on my model so I guess I can give an update. I have been working on smaller details such as benches, re-worked lifeboats, and davits. I have added quite a bit of detail to the poop-deck amd have also been working on the Veranda Café which is still not completed. Enjoy :)





Hello everyone,

Since It has been almost a year since I have posted anything new, just thought I would share what I have been working on. I have completely re-textured the staircase and also reworked the clock,