My Titanic trip and a question about the lounge

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Mikael Jonsson


I just came back after 16 days in UK.
This was mainly a Titanictrip. I visited the
Titanicexhibitions in Charlestown and Edingburgh which were both very good.

At one Bed & Breakfast I stayed with friends to the survivor Barbara. They told me that she is almost blind today and that she has had a couple of heartattacks so she is very frail. She is a very nice lady who worked as a teacher before retirement. Barbara doesn't like to talk about the Titanic and she doesn't like that people write her letters asking for her signature. All you autographcollectors out there, please stop asking for her signature. You won't get any answer anyway.

Barbara was kind to let me see her personal Titaniccollection. It was a very interesting collection containg many historical letters. This collection will end up in a museum when she isn't
around any more so you will all be able to see it in the future.

During my Titanictrip I also made a visit to the
"White Swan Hotel" in Alnwick. I have always wanted to see the Olympic lounge. This was a very interesting visit and something I never will forget. If you are interested you can see photos from the visit and even a movieclip on my homepage. The link is below.

After seeing the hotel I am now interested to know what is left of the lounge in the wreck. I know the lounge was destroyed in the breakup, but I also know there is a little bit left.

If you go to and search for "titanic lounge" you will find a photo taken into the lounge where floortiles are clearly visible. I would love to hear more about the lounge and maybe even see more photos from it inside the wreck.

best regards, Mikael from Sweden


Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
Hi, Mikael,
as an author of non-fiction accounts of disaster, I have encountered many different people who feel strongly about the event they were a part of - and on the same token I've found people who thought nothing of the disaster they survived beyond it being "just another day in which something happened." Barbara West belongs to the former....

As far as the Titanic lounge, there is actually nothing left to explore - the lounge collapsed in the sinking and is part of the aft tear area where the decks are compressed on another.

Out of curiosity, I checked the Corbis site, and that picture is actually of the aft 3rd class entrance once under the poop deck. You can see the handrail leading down the shaft opening at upper right - the tiles are on the D-deck landing. There exists a period Olympic photo of this entrance foyer - it appears in several books put out over the years.

The Titanic's first class lounge was carpeted, too.

Mikael Jonsson

Thanks for the information Dan.

it is quite sad that the lounge is totally gone in the wreck, but thanks to White Swan Hotel we can see it anyway

best regards, Mikael
Dec 9, 2004
Thank you for the link to your homepage. The
photos are great and really show how the Titanic
once was (even though, as you said, they are from the lounge of her sister ship.) I had thought that all of the survivors, including Eva Hart, who was a young girl when the ship sank, were gone. I guess I can research that more here.
Thanks again.

Mark Draper

Aug 24, 2001
There might be some stuff in the lounge space inside Britannic. The only area near the lounge is the RandW room with that hole in the roof. Though I expect not much to find, as the decks on both sides where davits 7 and 8 were are collapsed down to A deck.
Aug 19, 2006
Hi everyone. Type ALNWICK into the search box and we have a whole area about the lounge there at the White Swan Hotel.
Chris Crr
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