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Brandon Whited

Hey all,

I'm not sure how many of you guys have a MySpace, but I just thought I'd post this idea anyway. If it turns out that quite a few of us do have a MySpace page, why not form an ET MySpace group? I don't know, I'm just a bit bored at the moment, and thought I'd see what everyone thought.
Cool. If this gets more responses, I might have a go at making one. Might be wise to get Phil's permission first, though.
Anyone here have a Titanic themed myspace page, facebook page or group? I'm Titanic Tarn on myspace, and just started up a Boston Titanic group on Anyone have any similar Titanic themed sites or pages?
If anyone is one myspace, feel free to email my myspace account and ill put you on my network of friends..


Tarn Stephanos

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Hi Tarn

Every April and May I redo my page as a Titanic-Lusitania Myspace page. Just like every Halloween I do a Night Of The Living Dead page. Right now I have a Art Deco chic vibe going on. The link on my profile on this site which will take you right to my cyber home aka Myspace page.