Mystery Buyer Wants Fleet or Replica Steam Liners

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Grant Carman

Jun 19, 2006
I saw this article this morning at Shipping Times.

I'm not sure if it's an April fools joke or not.

IF this mystery billionaire is serious, he might build them, but not be allowed to carry any passengers.

But hey, if he's serious, and succeeds, I'd pay to travel on one.

Michael: What do you think? April fools, or an old fool with too much money?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Michael: What do you think? April fools, or an old fool with too much money?<<


I caught this story a couple of days ago and posted it in another thread. To put it charitably, I don't think this guy is being very realistic. Some of the features of the old steamships aren't even legal these days. If he proposes to build a ship which externally resembles ships from the Good Old Days, he might just get away with it, but a down to the last nut, bolt, and rivet replica of anything just ain't gonna fly.

Jerry Nuovo

Jan 18, 2003
New Jersey,USA
This story in the Shipping Times reminds me of April 1998 when I read in the New York Post of the plans to build Titanic 2 due to the popularity of the film Titanic.To this day Titanic 2 has not been built yet and I very much doubt that Titanic 2 will ever be built.However if this very rich man really does exist and if he really wants to build replicas of early 20th Century steamships like the Aquitania well good luck to him and I would be the first to congratulate if he can pull it off.But he does have to realize if he really wants these ships they probably can't be powered by steam since all ships built today are diesel-electric powered and it would be difficult to build steam engines be it steam turbines or the steam powered reciprocating engine.
Apr 3, 2005
I think if you were richer than god, and could get the permits from the legions of beuracracy, then it MAY be possible to do what this guy is proposing.
Maybe do it like the QM? Can have the authenticity but not the ability to

Jon Brockman

Oct 2, 2006
who on here would be willing to spent their time down in the boiling hot depths of a replica steam powered liner shovelling coal all day?
i think properly crewing these "replicas" would be tricky!
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