Feb 17, 2005
Even in an interior cabin, things could have made their way out. With an object flying downward through water wouldn,t there have been strong current rushing through the corridors sweeping everything aft and out the hole in the back?
May 7, 2005
Look at the sinking after 2:20. There is a large object hurling itself down the depths of the Atlantic Ocean increasing speed as it goes. The forward stateroom windows, as seen in Ghosts of the Abyss, are either destroyed by the pressure during the descent, smashed in by water, or shattered during the impact of the bottom. A current is going to wind itself through every area it can reach. That means the newly opened Grand Staircase ceiling, The funnel openings, opened doors, and the rear end of the ship still filling in some areas. You will have a strong current rushing through that ship. With the destruction of the stern, it seems that there were so many areas of the ship with water in it, that on the descent, so many swift jets of water tried to flood at once and the stern was pulverized. However this is only my belief and anyone who would like to inquire me about it please do so at [email protected] . And Matt, if you would like to see some of Ken Marschall's Olympic light fixtures, try visiting www.marconigraph.com . Ken left a wonderful account on one of his expeditions to the wreck. And through this it will provide you photos of a 1st Class Dining Saloon octagonal light fixtures and the Grand Staircase beaded light fixtures.

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Nicole O'Brien

hi all i have been reading Titanic's Last Secrets by Brad Matsen. It is about the two guys from deep sea detectives and them going down to explore the Titanic. The reason for them to go down there is due to a lawyer who went down to her and claiming that he saw ribbons of steel. Many people know of the grounding theory correct? well while looking for the ribbons of steel they locate the pieces of the bottom hull an bilge kile. they found these pieces in a canyon type place in the debris field. just thought i would share this information with yall


Jun 9, 2016
If Major Peuchen did lose his wallet as he descended, I find it amazing that it would fall two and a half miles, so close to other debris in the field. Personally, it defies imagination to have something that light-weight wind up among heavier items. Quite a story. Fascinating.

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