Mystery little girl who is she

on page 131 of Judith Gellers book, there is a picture of some third class survivors, amongst them Franks Aks and the Quick girls, who are the other two children in the picture? someone told me the little boy was Meyer Moore but who is the little girl? i thought maybe it was Louise Kink or Virginia Emanuel?

Laura Melinda Varjo

Hey Mary, I think that`s Virginia Emanuel. If you look at Luoise Kink in her family picture, she doesnot look as this little girl, so it has to be Virginia. But what if the little boy is not Meyer Moor, but perhaps a second class boy-forgot his name but it has a Morgan in it. I think John Morgan, who was 8 I think at the time. I don`t think a six year old is that tall compared to his mom. But I guess the little girl can be Virginia.
i agree, i think the little girl might be Virginia, i just wondered if anyone knew who it was for sure. in Eaton and Haas book it has a bigger version of this picture, they say that the little boy is Meyer Moor so i am taking their word for it. my nephew is a very tall boy for his age