Mystery Ship Wrecks

May 27, 2007
This is the place for ship wreaks that are unidentified that some of you might want to keep up on, or talk about. Put them here until they get a name and a topic of their own.

The first ship I wanted to bring up for this thread is a wrecked ship or should I say pieces of the ship that might of been a Privateer vessel commissioned by Ben Franklin during the American Revolution to harass the British coast and merchant shipping and take prisoners which the Americans hoped to use in exchange for American prisoners being held by the British. which too make a long story short did not end up working out very well for Franklin. In fact he tried later to insert a clause in the constitution to make sure America would never again employ privateers.

I first found out about this ship by watching a special on NatGeo Expedition Week which discussed a mystery ship wreck on the west coast of England that might be tied in to a local legend concerning Holy Head Wales.

Supposedly three pirate or privateer ships attacked a ship off of Holy Head, Wales or took the town hostage. They were up to something I suppose. Pity the show did not elaborate on this.

Well, one ship ended up going south and disappearing according to the legend. Divers now think they have now found that ship although from what I saw on the show of the supposed three ships involved two of them, "the Black Prince' & "The Black Princess" ended up back in Ireland while the third ship the "Fear Knot" was up in Scotland leading experts on the expedition to believe that the wreck they found was either an escort ship or maybe, I think, not involved although supposedly the ship dates from the right time and then there is the legend. Anyways here is the promo for the show.

From the promo,

"A lost piece of American history may have been uncovered deep in the sea a shipwreck thought to have belonged to a fleet of American privateers. In the late 18th century, the Irish Sea was a cauldron of kidnapping, thievery and unrepentant skullduggery. Governments, including the nascent U.S., hired sea raiders, or privateers, to pillage and steal from merchant vessels. Is it possible that this ship was on a mission from Benjamin Franklin?"

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