Names of three parties

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Ed Waali

My wife and I visited the Titanic Exhibit while it was in Seattle. We are interested in the names of the three parties who had rooms in contact with the large hull section in that exhibit. The names were given but we can not remember them. Thanks!
Fellow Seattlite,
The "Big Piece" was once the facade of two cabins, not three. They were suites C 79 and C 81. The two smaller portholes in the center was the bathroom that connected the two rooms. Both rooms were unoccuppied, although it has been rumored that George Vanderbuilt had booked one of the rooms but never sailed. Suffice to say, it's doubtful.
I could be wrong about this, though, because on a more recent documentary, it was said that it was from the other side, and that there was a couple travelling in the rooms, but I never heard anything else about it.

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