Navigation in Southampton Water

I am going with the April 1912 documents and different testimonies and letters from crew members.
All of them show arriving in Southampton at about midnight with docking at her berth after 1 a.m.

Thanks but I have no interest in made up calculations going by assumptions.

Jim Currie said: "I found the 1-35 pm time somewhere a long time ago."

Maybe in this one done by Paul Lee, Steve Hall and myself?
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Thanks Ioannis. that is probably where I found it. If you have no interest in made up numbers, why did you you refer me to a paper which is full of them?
The document showing times in that article has nothing to do with the actual berthing of a vessel. It was usually kept for the billing of Pilotage Fees to Trinity House. The fee for Titanic would have been split between inward from sea (Nab) to Port Limits, then entering port limits,,,port passage from Cowes.
Before that time the list would have been titled "Bound Inward" or "Inward-Bound" .Separate lists were kept for vssels Outward. There would have been a separate list somewhere entitled "Arrivals" and another "Departures". These were used for levying berthing fees. a I told you before, a vessel does not truly arrive at a port until she is securely tied up and finished with engines
It is astonishing Jim Currie how you always try to fill up missing pieces with what you believe was the case.
There are documents and reports about the ship arriving which you do not know or have not seen, yet you come up with what you believe is the case which is far from the truth.

I have no interest in continue this one again, if others like they can continue.
No Ioannis. What is "astonishing" is you observation about "missing pieces" and your implication that somehow it is a fault to have a different point of view or interpretation of evidence from you and your cabal.
If there are documents which contradict me then show them or refer me to them. If these contain irrefutable evidence, then I will not refute it.
You use the word "truth" as though somehow, only you and your cabal are privy to it.
like others, why do you feel so threatened by contradiction? Is it something to do with a certain photograph?

You too have a good day.