Need help about the Titanic

Oct 18, 2007
ok titanic fans I need some help our prof gave us a set of clues to find a particular person

Here is the first clue the coordinates
41.43'.35" N, 49.56'.54" W
which i found to be the location of the sinking of the stern of the titanic

Second clue was
His nickname was "Boots" and his address number in Southampton is the
date of the next hand off.

And the final clue was
His wife had a omen before he sailed off...

Can you help me find the mystery person???

Luke Owens

Jan 18, 2007
Well, Daniel, here are a couple of thoughts on the second clue.

1. Was "Boots" his nickname or job designation? If the former, did it refer to a previous job? The reason for this question is that the Boots was hotel and cruise ship parlance for the person responsible for cleaning and polishing the shoes of the passengers who left them out to be shined. Also, Boots the Chemist is an old and respected firm of what we in the U.S. would call a pharmacy or drug store.

2. What is meant by "the next hand off"? Is it a sporting term or a political one? The answer to that should provide you with the information on the address.

The address in Southampton points toward a crew member, but may not be. As for the wife having "an omen", there are tons of anecdotes of people having some feeling of disaster relating to the Titanic, most of which were not told about till after the sinking....

Oct 18, 2007
Hey Luke thanks for the reply...

"boots" was his nickname not job classification, but for all i know someone that worked those boots could have had that name...

by next handoff means is just that the numberical address of the Southampton address is the date that I am suppose to find... the next handoff is his code to bring something back to him

Again thans for the help

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
I figure a man known as 'Boots' would have to be a boot steward. There were nine of them on board, but only three are known to have had wives. Their names were William Perrin, Sydney Stebbings and William Rattenbury. Look them up in the biography section of this website to get their street addresses. But I don't know of any bad omen stories attached to any of them. There is a story about the wife of steward Arthur Lewis attaching the White Star badge to his cap when it fell apart, and she thought that to be an omen of disaster. But he was a steward in 3rd Class, where the passengers had to clean their own boots! And his house number was 99 - hard to get a date out of that.

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