Need help identifying Titanic docum its music

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Bob DiGiulio

I want to identify the title of a Titanic documentary so I can identify its background music, which I cannot stop humming!
I saw the movie on Public TV, back in the mid-1990's: Here are the ending credits:
Produced by Ray Johnson productions; Narrated by Robert Powell. Based on the book "RMS Titanic--A Modern Legend"
Music by Peter Young, and music recorded at XLCR Studios, Colne. Film is copyright Castle Communications PLC, 1993, and runs about 50"
Anyone know the title? Where I can find the lovely background music (CD?)
Thanks so much
Sounds like a documentary available on dvd titled Titanic - The Story. It's narrated by Robert Powell and runs for 55 minutes. Amazon have it currently listed for just under $8.
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