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Catherine S. Ehlers

Back in 1990, I became a real fan of the Phantom of the Opera miniseries (the one with Charles Dance as the Phantom). Over the years I've written several fanfic stories for my own enjoyment. Now I'd like to put them on the Titanic. In my story, Eric and Christine are married, and she's a very well known opera diva who is going, with an entourage of several people, to make her debut in New York at the Met. Guess you can't guess which ship they book passage on....(;)

Anyway, I'm trying to decide where to put them in First Class. On the deck plans, I see that there are several cabins unoccupied on the port side between Helene Baxter's cabin (B60) and Benjamin Guggenheim (B84). Was it not possible to book several adjoining cabins together to form a suite? That is what I have in mind, but since the two parlor suites are already occupied (I don't dare evict Mr. Ismay, and I don't want to inconvenience the Cardezas), would it be acceptable to give them the cabins in question? Or would it be possible to book a similar block of cabins down on C deck?

(BTW, in the movie, did the Hockley party evict Ismay or the Cardezas? I've heard they were placed in the suite that Ismay actually occupied, so I suppose that means that Ismay evicted the Cardezas!)

I know that POTO is sort of off-topic, but since I am trying to find the best staterooms for my characters, I hope you will bear with me here and let me know what you think. Thanks!


Jeremy Lee

Jun 12, 2003
>>BTW, in the movie, did the Hockley party evict Ismay or the Cardezas?<<

Yes, Hockley evicted Ismay.

Brian R Peterson

Yes, Ismay occupied Parlor Suite B 52-56, originally intended for J.P. Morgan, but upon his cancellation with no other booking for that suite by sailing day, Ismay took it.

Now had Morgan sailed, it is likely Ismay would have occupied C62/64 which was an unoccupied suite during the voyage - No the Astors were not in this suite the Cave List is wrong.

Best Regards,

Jul 20, 2000

The Astors are not named on the Cave List. - Does that mean you owe the Cave List an apology? - You can confirm that the Astors are not on the Cave List by looking at the Cave List which is on the opening page of this web-site.

I hope that helps!
Dec 7, 2000

Thanks for regurgitating my information basically word-for-word without an acknowledgement ... you had me stumped for a second there ... I was thinking, how on earth did I write that information under your log on name. But the Cave List thing gave it away.

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