Need Information on QE Please

John Zoppina

Feb 5, 2005
Hi everyone,

First off, I would very much like to have a set of blueprints reprinted from QE. First, does anyone know how much this would cost, and where I could get that done?

Secondly, if I can't get that, I would much like to get some information on her, such as:

1. How many decks did she have?

2. What was the distance from her boat deck to the waterline?

3. What was the distance from the top of the funnels to the boat deck, and if you have the information, the degree of their angle (maybe "rake" is the word I'm looking for..?)

4. I know that Caronia had the capability of making radio-telephone calls to shore. Was this capability later fitted to the QE?

Thanks (again),

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