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Gaetano Anania

Hi dear members of ET!

I'm Gaetano Anania, student of Naval Engineering at Genova University. With my friend Paolo Cotroneo, expert of liners, we have opened since some days the italian most important site about transatlantics liners of past of all countries. The great part of the site is still under construction, but we are working hard to complete it in a short time. The adress is On the home page you can find the link to our International forum when enthusiasts of liners can meet (the name of the link is "Forum Ufficiale"). Our forum cover in its sections all the aspects of transatlantic liners! So it is possible to speak about all! "LE GRANDI NAVI" International Official Forum is the right place for the true lovers of liners as our beloved Titanic. So we wait for all love liners and their incredible, unique and magic world!!! You can arrive directly to our international forum also by this link If you want to register yourself use the link "Registrati" on the top of the page. After you could choise your nickname and your password to have access in the forum. Don't lose time please!!! Come and speak with all transatlantic liners enthusiasts!"LE GRANDI NAVI" INTERNATIONAL OFFICIAL FORUM...LINERS ARE BACK!!!

Gaetano Anania

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