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Melissa Israel

hello everyone. I am new to this site and I am already interested in all of the board members. You all seem very polite and informative and I am hoping that you will be able to help me out. First of all I need some infomation on the clothing that was worn back in 1912, mostly first class women. web sites would be very helpful and any patterns that I could get to make my own would be helpful also.I am also interested in anything that might have good pictures of the insides of the cabin rooms.I am into victorian ways and styles of that era. I would be vey thankful for any information.

Kate Bortner

May 17, 2001
Welcome Melissa. Thanks for the compliment, we all TRY to be polite. . . just stick around and judge for yourself!

As far as Edwardian fashion there are a few threads here that will shed much light on the issue. Randy Bingham (hey Raaaaannnnddddy, where are you?!) and Shelley D. are very knowledgeable if you have questions (and there is someone else too, but at the moment I forget who that is.) Check out the "Thread on Threads"; it'll knock your socks off.
As far as websites, I've found and both to be good sources for this period (note: Victorian is a bit earlier than Titanic era; you should look at Edwardian. I think heritage haberdashery refers to this period as Titanic Age. . . convenient!
In any case, good luck and welcome again. I'm an actor and a costumer, so I maybe able to answer some of your questions, but as I mentioned there are others here who know waaaaay more than I.

Kathy A. Miles

In the book "Last Dinner on the titanic" they make reference regarding fashion to a book called "Vogue: History of 20th Century Fashion" by Jane Mulvagh. I know you can purchase patterns for some of the dresses, as I recall a friend made one for a school project.

As for the cabin pics, I can email you some if you like. I don't own the copyrights on them so I'd rather not put them up on a website. I do recommend James Cameron's Titanic Explorer CD set. Along with a lot of good information, you can "walk" through Titanic. Along the tour you can get into one of the parlor suites which is fantastic.



Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
Hi, Melissa,
My partner and I make Edwardian costumes (Company name: Grand Staircase Fashions) and we have the patterns for the Titanic costumes, including "Ruth's" dinner dress as well as most of "Rose's" and "Jack's" and the officers and "Cal". We make them for theaters, museums, historical re-enactments, weddings, proms and private collections. Feel free to email me privately for more info. Kate is a good costumer too! (And one of my very dear friends!)

All the best,
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