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Mark Ferguson

Oct 30, 2008
Hi Everyone!

I'm a researcher with About-Face Media, a television production company in Northern Ireland and we have just delivered a three-part series entitled "Ships that Changed the World". The documentary series presented by Col Tim Collins features CGI and original archive footage, some of which unseen.

Here is a brief summery of the series:

Belfast produced one in every eight ships afloat on the planet at one time, and even before the Titanic was launched the shipyards had transformed the White Star Line into the biggest name in transatlantic passenger shipping. At the fringe edge of Europe and the North of Ireland revolutionised maritime history. And on occasion, world history. Harland and Wolff built some of the biggest battleships in the Navy's fleet, and the story proceeds into the age of the supertankers- and the space-age liner the SS Canberra, a ship that won fame from Belfast to Australia to the Falklands. Tim Collins reveals the characters and the personalities that drove the shipyard into the headlines, two world wars and into the centre of a commercial transatlantic shipping race that would lead to triumph and tragedy.

Ships That Changed The World: Wednesday, 6th, 13th and 20th February, BBC1 NI at 10.40pm
Viewers not in Northern Ireland can access BBC1NI on Cable or Satellite television in the UK, and it will also be availiable on the BBC iPlayer for one week after transmission. please see

Mark Ferguson
About-Face Media (TV) Ltd.

[email protected]

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