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Omar Khokhar

Dec 6, 2002
I brought a copy of this book before Christmas. And I regret buying it. I compared sections of the text with Bailey and Ryans book and the only conclusion to reach is that they repeat Colin Simpson`s historical fiction. The only interesting thing about the "Lusitania Story" is the passenger list at the end and I also thought the introduction was very good. Apart from that not much else to say.

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
"RMS Lusitania: Triumph of the Edwardian Age" by Eric Sauder and Ken Marschall is naturally a must-buy. It's taken me forever but I finally bought a copy. These do not come cheap - be prepared to spend as much as $75. I got mine for $60.

After seeing Randy's message, I managed to snag a copy through; it arrived in New Jersey today. With shipping from Australia, it came to about $68 U.S.

$60 for a copy of my Lusitania book? It's definitely *not* worth it....

Shall we put that to a vote?

Mar 20, 2000

I am glad you got a copy too! For those who haven't read it, the book is a treat. The cover is designed to emulate an old Cunard brochure and you have that expectant feeling of a great voyage as you open it.

And it IS a great voyage. Eric, Bill and Ken really did a fine job with this photographic tribute to Lusitania and her times. The interior shots, all obviously from original prints and glass negatives (most of them in the authors' collections), are beautifully clear and fresh. My favorite images, those of the Regal Suites (pp 22-23), the Entrance Hall (pp 26-27) and the Reading and Writing Room (p. 29) echo the light and airy charm of the "petits appartements" of Versailles.

I should stress that anybody who loves the Louis Seize influence in Lusitania's interiors MUST visit the Palace of Versailles and Marie Antoinette's neighboring Petit Trianon. They are a road-map for Lusitania. In fact if there is any place on earth where you can feel like you are aboard Lusitania in all her glory, it is at Versailles. The small private chambers, nestled in between the grand public rooms of the palace and interconnected by narrow gilt passageways, give one the feeling of being inside a jewel box. And that is what Lusitania's interiors have always suggested to me.

Of course there's much else to recommend RMS Lusitania: Triumph of the Edwardian Age. The text is informed and sensitive, as it could not fail to be, coming from these authors. There are myriad small touches that will affect the reader but I won't give away any spoilers.

I will say that a special feature of this book is the reproduction of survivor Oliver P. Bernard's drawings of Lusitania's torpedoing and sinking, in print for the first time as a complete set since 1915.

So is it worth $60 - or $68? - or $75? Or even more? Obviously.

Jun 10, 1999
Not to mention a contribution by the late Walter Lord.

In the form of an extremely rare photograph.

Boo! Hoo! I got mine in a trade with E. Sauder...;-)

Michael A. Cundiff

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
A copy, or copies, of Mr. Sauder's book is advertised as being available at the THS online bookstore for $17.95. If this is not a glitch in their system, an old item which should have been deleted but wasn't, it represents quite a bargain.
Sep 22, 2003
Coatesville, PA
Im not Sure why Some People Choose to criticise the Peeke books beyond belief. The 1st book though riddled w/ errors "Lusitania and Beyond" is well written in the sense that it reads easily, and also very well Illustrated, 2nd only to Ken when it comes to Lusitania Art. As for the 2nd book "The Lusitania Story", Also riddled w/ errors, Though a good read, not as well illustrated as the 1st. the 1st half of the book though is very interesting (Actual story 110 Pages, last 65 are Passanger and Crew List) as the 1st half of the story relates to building, launching, and career of ship. as for there claims on the 2nd explosion, its questionable, as for the Bailey & Ryan Criticism, While I find Bailey & Ryan to be by far the best book on the subject, I think go too far in criticising Turner and Simpson at some points. A book almost to level w/ Bailey & Ryan, but a bit more fair w/ simpson and Turner is Ramsay's book, Anyone realy into lusitania should read this book, as Ramsay Surpasses Bailey & Ryan on some points, namely 3rd class and cargo conversions in 3rd class, and Turner.
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